The Role of a Board Member

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  • Lesley  Stephenson

    Lesley Stephenson

    FT Board Director Programme

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What does a board member do and what impact do they have? What are the skills and aptitudes required? This course looks at the role of the board member, whether an executive or a non-executive director, in a UK Listed company.

It considers board structure and practice and looks at the specific duties and liabilities associated with being a director. 

It discusses why corporate governance is important and why it should be so much more than a simple box ticking exercise. It sets out the key tasks associated with being a board member as well as the personal attributes and skills needed to carry out the role effectively. Although the course focuses on UK listed companies, the principles are equally applicable to other legal entities on a proportionate basis.

This course counts as 4 CPD hours of learning and may be taken individually or as part of the full 16-hour programme.


  • Lesley  Stephenson

    Lesley Stephenson

    FT Board Director Programme

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  • Board structure
  • Director's duties and liabilities
  • Corporate governance
  • Personal attributes of a board director
  • The effective board director

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