Strategy, Values and Culture - The seismic changes to the way that boards think and operate.

Virtual Event | Thursday 10 Jun 2021

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  • Patrick Dunne

    Patrick Dunne

    EY Foundation

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The seismic changes to the way that boards think and operate.

The role of the board in ensuring that their organisations have the right strategy, values and culture has never been more important or more relevant. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change as well as race and other issues have thrown into sharp relief how crucial these three drivers are not just to survival but to sustained success. The aftershocks of these major challenges combined with technological change in data analytics are also leading to seismic changes in the way that many boards are thinking about and do strategy, values and culture. 

This very interactive and practical workshop will be run virtually by Patrick Dunne, a highly-experienced board professional. 

Looking at what’s changed over the last eighteen months:

  • It considers the move towards flexible strategic frameworks as opposed to having fixed three or five-year strategic plans; 
  • It looks at having dynamic budgeting which can adapt to changing circumstances much more quickly than the traditional annual budgeting cycle; 
  • It explores the changing relationship between the Chair and the CEO, and the board and the executive.


Attendance counts as 3 CPD hours of structured learning.



This workshop explores the practicalities of the board’s role in strategy, values and culture. It considers the priority questions for boards and how to develop dynamic plans and approaches to deal with current and future challenges.

In a combination of presentation and group exercises, it enables delegates to share and probe their own situation and experiences.

Who is this course for?

  • Existing board members wanting to discuss the disruption caused by Covid-19 and how to future proof their organisations.
  • Aspiring board members embarking upon their board careers looking to explore the latest thinking on strategy, culture and values post pandemic to enable them to demonstrate these skills to future employers.

This course is highly relevant for participants from all industries including the charitable, public and social sectors. One of the many benefits of the programme is the peer-to-peer experience and the ability to share with others your successes and learnings from the last 12 months.


The course will go through the following points:

  • How have culture and strategies changed as a result of the pandemic and is anything else having a major influence?
  • What’s the board’s role in culture and strategy and how does it interact with the executive?
  • How do you know what culture you have, what culture you want and develop a plan to get there and chart progress?
  • What have boards been doing to adapt to greater uncertainty when developing and deciding strategy?
  • Is the trend towards agreeing on strategic frameworks with executive rather than tightly defined strategy a way forward?
  • How do culture and strategy link with the board’s approach to stakeholder management? 


  • Patrick Dunne

    Patrick Dunne

    EY Foundation

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